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Looking to hire top talent?
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Build the future of venture capital.

AngelList India is driving innovation at scale, by giving investors and startups the tools and infrastructure they need so they can focus on what they do best.

Our mission

To increase the number of successful startups in the world

We give more people the opportunity to participate in the venture economy — and more startups the resources they need to change the world.
Our platform

The platform for investing in world-changing startups

AngelList India streamlines the investing process for angels and VCs — whether they’re starting and scaling a fund or investing alongside established managers.
Our values
Be Rigorous in Seeking the Truth
By seeking truth from customers and teammates early and often, we develop rigor around ideas, plans, and work product.
Move with Urgency by Scoping Down
We don’t choose between speed and quality. We achieve both by focusing on fewer details and getting them exactly right.
Empower the Person Closest to a Problem
Our teams support each other and work collaboratively. If opinions diverge, we empower the task owner to make the call.
Build a Safe and Trusted Place for our Community
We strive to keep AngelList open and inclusive, prioritize the safety and trust of our users, and champion bold, world-changing ideas.

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AngelList India in the news

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AngelList announces launch of roll up vehicles for Indian startup founders

22nd December 2021

Roll up vehicles are a type of special purpose vehicle designed for founders that want to raise capital from individual operators and angels with a single cap table entry.

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How AngelList makes its startup investments

23rd July 2019

At AngelList, investments in startups are largely made on the basis of a lead's conviction, but not all investors can view every deal.

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Flipkart co-founder and other top names join AngelList’s first investment syndicate in India

2nd April 2019

A little over a year after it introduced Syndicates to the India market, AngelList —the U.S. service that helps connect companies with investors — is rolling out its own fund in the country...

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AngelList launches Syndicates in India

16th January 2018

AngelList has expanded its syndicates program to India in the latest overseas move for the US crowdfunding platform.

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AngelList’s ‘Carta for India’ product helps startups manage cap table and employee grants for free

24th June 2020

AngelList, a platform that helps startup founders discover and connect to angel investors and job seekers, on Wednesday branched out to a new category in India to further ...

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