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A complete and transparent solution

We provide a one-stop solution with legal, regulatory, and back-office services. We’re committed to providing the best possible experience for starting, running, and managing your syndicate.


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20% carry

New SPV per deal

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Carry Structure
Fundraising Services
Raise on a deal-by-deal basis
Introductions to LPs via AngelList India’s vetted capital network for select top tier deals
Syndicate Setup Services
KYC check for all LPs
Prepare and sign contribution agreements with LPs
Prepare regulatory filings on behalf of the syndicate
Manage the fund’s bank account and handle LP remittances
Streamline funds’ transfer and distribution processes
State-wise stamp duty payment on execution of the contribution agreement and issuance of AIF units to the LPs
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Syndicate Management
Carry Management
Dedicated team to help run syndicate operations and resolve issues/queries
Proprietary Software
Manage all your investments from one dashboard
View the funding status for each investor
Seamlessly message your investor network from your dashboard
Portfolio Management Services
Review investment agreements and related documents
Execute and store investment documents digitally
Undertake regulatory filings for each investment
Track active investments by cost, value (realized and unrealized), multiple, and date
Mark valuation information available at any time through the AL India website
Conduct review of investments to ensure compliance with fund’s objectives
Provide valuation, position, and financial reporting
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Overseas Investment
Prepare and file SEBI application for grant of approval for overseas investments and related reporting/ compliances
Investor Communications
Provide syndicate leads with a secure online portal to communicate with LPs
Generate templates for investor updates
Store records of communication for future reference
Investment specific business update on an annual basis as directed by the syndicate lead
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LP Management & Reporting
Manage a fully electronic and integrated closing process for LPs
Store closing document for each investment
Electronic ledger to track LP commitments, contributed capital, and distributions
Prepare and distribute capital call notices via email and through the AL India website
Issue Unit Statements to the LPs bi-annually (recording of portfolio markups/write offs)
Email notification sent to LPs each time GP provides an update
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AIF has been accorded tax pass through status – LP liable to pay tax in the same nature and same proportion
Prepare distribution computations as per prevailing income-tax provisions
Deposit the TDS collected and furnish Form 16A to the LPs
Furnish Form 64C and Form 64D for any distributions made during a particular FY to the LPs and to the Income-tax authorities respectively
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Accounting Services
Facilitate payment of fund expenses from the set-up fees
Support and calculate set-up fees
As per fund requirements, maintain books and records of the fund
Track all accruals
Audit of the Fund
Support valuation of the syndicate based on the latest valuation data provided
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Regulatory Compliances
File Form InVI for issue of AIF units to a foreign LP
File Form DI and the downstream intimation for each investment
SEBI quarterly reporting and annual compliance test report
Annual portfolio valuation
Annual FATCA/ CRS Reporting for tax residency of investors as per International money laundering laws
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